“It was a pleasure to work with Hollan. Her knowledge and expertise are apparent and she skillfully balances professionalism with a down-to-earth demeanor and great sense of humor to make for a comfortable and great PT experience!” -Paul

“I came to PT with a lot of pain in my foot, knee and hip. Frustrated with my pain, I was anxious to get started with therapy in hopes that I would feel better quickly.  The process was tiring and sometimes painful, but all along the way I was greeted with positive, smiling and happy people willing to do whatever I needed to make me stronger and pain free. Hollan was amazing! I feel stronger and more confident than I have in years!” – Elinore M.

“I’ve attended PT in past and was frustrated that I wasn’t improving. I sought out Hollan because I had heard great things from past and present clients. After 8 weeks, I feel as good as new! Hollan has designed my therapy to fit my fitness lifestyle, especially incorporating crossfit movements. I couldn’t be more thankful for Hollan’s help!” – Jessica M

“Hollan’s treatment helped me recover faster! I used to wake up with pain and stiffness every morning and she would relieve my symptoms at every appointment. She gave me exercises to complete on the Healigo app, which helped to keep me accountable to my recovery! Due to her help, I was able to return to work and life without pain! Thanks Hollan!” –Catherine R